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Company Profile

CPA Software is a producer of software in the filed of GIS-technology emerged from the company CPA Geo-Information in 2013.

The company has its business premises in Siegburg. It continues the business strategy of CPA with regard to geospatial topics and modern, standards-compliant, database-driven technologies in the fields of

  • Database and client solutions for geospatial data based on OpenGIS and ISO-Standards.
  • Consistent processing and generalization of military geodata.
  • Software solutions for real estate cadastre in Germany. Management of graphic and alphanumeric information on the proof of property ownership.

It is part of CPA Software GmbH's strategy to produce highly innovative solutions and thus be in the technological vanguard of the geoinformation business.

The company makes it SupportGIS with a basic technology for an ISO-compliant data management available and sets the platform and the expertise it acquired successfully in its project business.