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CPA and ALKIS - It's not a question of standards

ALKIS is on the way to reach its target shortly. Designed as an IT-procedure based on international standards it has been focused to become independent from different software developers. The intention was that particular components of the ALKIS solution should be changed ad hoc at the customer without losing the status of production.

This task has been carried out starting with the introduction of a standard based changing interface with the name NAS, with can be used as an XML/GML data- and mandatory interface working between the particular ALKIS components. Owning a direct suitability for a web-based data interchange, the outcome of this communication protocol provides the requested interoperability between the particular ALKIS-components. In combination with the high complexity of the ALKIS colour-scheme these requirements will result in an ambitious specification profile that normally should demand for a complete redesign of the existing ALK-/ALB systems.

From the beginning the company CPA Software GmbH committed itself to work on this task. Such there had been a cooperation in developing a first ALKIS software prototype with the former regional surveyor's office of North Rhine Westphalia at an earlier stage that then has been presented to the departmental heads of the land surveying- and land-registry offices in Hilden and Dortmund. Based on these and after then won results the SupportGIS-technology has been reinvented and can be used from now in a high efficient way with their open and interoperable ISO/OGC conforming four-dimensional data storage for the AAA (ALKIS®-ATKIS®-AFIS®)-development and moreover a multiplicity of professional systems.

The clou of this solution - to project the object oriented AAA-data schemes which are used for the database scheme of object relational databases like Oracle or PostgreSQL and to manage the standard conforming multidimensional AAA-geodata in the databases. With the decision, to effect the cartographic derivative of maps and plans by the OGC-standard using styled layer decryptors, this one-of-a- kind technology is

  • directly conform to the self-updating versions of GeoInfoDok,
  • immediately prepared for further developments like ALKIS 3D,
  • plug-compatibility to further OGC-standards like CityGML,
  • ad-hoc usability as OGC-service (WFS, WMS) and
  • interoperability to further, f. ex. local technical information systems.

On the base of this innovative technology, which has been assigned with the Top 100 small business award for several times, the following components branded with the name SupportGIS have been built up:

  • SupportGIS-AAA data management (For ex. for the German Federal land Baden-Württemberg)
  • SupportGIS-AAA collection and qualification (For ex. for the pilot land-registry-office in the region of Recklinghausen)
  • SupportGIS-AAA information and presentation (For ex. for German federal land Baden-Württemberg)
  • SupportGIS-AAA VBORIS (for ex. for the German federal land Brandenburg)

But that's not the end of it - since this time SupportGIS-AAA is the platform of a multiple communal technical systems, which are used in many local governments in an ALKIS compliant way branded with the name "SupportGIS-town hall". Subjects are

  • Topography of basic city maps,
  • Standard ground value based on VBORIS,
  • Green belt- and cluster-tree-topology,
  • Usage of Constructible zones and - surfaces with XPLAN,
  • Maintenance of objects according to local authorities or
  • Locally-based Management of building areas.

For local government the geodata of this technical applications in combination with ALKIS- geo basic data are the platform for the construction of 3D-citymodels (With CityGML) and the area-wide statistic evaluation and analysis of their databases. With SupportGIS-3D and SupportGIS-GeoStatitics there are powerful tools available, all of them based on the SupportGIS-Technology from CPA that implements the standards of ISO and OGC. Furthermore these tools can access data from OGC-compliant webservices.

For CPA ALKIS has become a necessary catalyzer for the development of a state-of-the-art Geoinformation system. Based on the high number of completely different technical applications the future orientation of this standardized IT-concept is clearly indicated.

AAA as acronym for AFIS® - ALKIS® - ATKIS® is one of the most used keywords in the environment of geodata.

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